Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 642 of the Campaign

Rooty Hill RSL Club yesterday.
There was some sort of town hall debate thing at the Rooty Hill RSL Club tonight. Both Gillard and Abbott answered bizarre questions from an audience of swinging voters. Put on by Sky News and News Limited and you could watch it online on the News Limited websites as an 19 hour TV show. ABC complained they weren't allowed to show it on their new 24 hour news channel. The cocky ABC bores argued that them being locked out was a bad thing for democracy. No announcements have been made if ABC will let Channel 9 broadcast old episodes of Spicks & Specks for the sake of democracy yet.

Today's winning tweets all from people watching the Rooty Hill debate thingy.
cosmicjester: If Western Sydney isnt threatened by gay marriage then WTF is the problem? #rooty

mtats Don't invest in a monopolistic company run by fucking pricks. How about that for an idea? #rooty

justinf I doubt that we'll ever see #rooty as a trending topic again.
Not if I can help it.

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