Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drover's Dog 2010 Election Tweeting League: Day 14

Okay my brain has just melted from doing my tax online. Pity that keeping tax really fucking complex is still a bipartisan policy.

Now onto today's winners.

Two points to:
Howcroft_for_PM Whatever happened to that bloke from Midnight Oil?
And, as lobbied and predicted, the other two points to Exiled for a deft mix of an Abbott gaffe and an Allanah Hill brainfart.

Unfortunately I'm not reprinting it here because after seeing how little money I earned this past year, I'm in no position to defend a libel case.

Well done, Exiled anyway.

1 comment:

Josh Kinal said...

I looked at @exiled's post and you're right. A) It's genius and B) you should not reprint it but thanks for alluding to it.