Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 Election Tweeting League: Debate Day More Points

Okay, big debate night and I've got more points to give out. I'll get straight to it.

4 points to ChasLicc No surprise the worm is loving the “Stop the Boats” talk. Worms love eating shit
3 points to jmdonellan Glad to see that the age of skilled political debate isn't dead, it's just been beaten, maimed and had 'fair dinkum' carved on its face.
Another 3 to sealfur Someone let that person with bicycle move past. Thanks.
And 2 to DT_13 Watching my first episode of master chef, I now understand what all the fuss is about - go the young fella!! Yew

ChasLicc         5
KRuddMP       4
Therese_Rein  3
jmdonellan      3
sealfur             3
IanMartin        3
msstox             2
mariekehardy  2
DT_13             2
MayneReport  1

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