Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drover's Dog 2010 Election Tweeting League: Day 10

Nope. Nobody was good enough to get the points today. Too much carrying on about The Chaser and The Gruen Transfer's election thingy.

So that means today's points jackpot tomorrow.

Get witty.


Richo said...

I generally like election campaigns. I followed the recent British election with some interest (unpredictable outcome, Lib-dem curve ball thrown in for spice), the plight of the supposed new-school Japanese government falling apart, even the Dutch, "lets not get carried away, its only politics good burghers, the World Cup's on...." but this Aus election has to be the least interesting, most depressingly banal load of warm goats turd that has been presented to the people of this country in decades. Choice? What choice? I vow now to only follow the election on this blog. Tell me what you like, make it up for all I care, it'll still be more credible than what "those who would govern" will be saying. I hate Collingwood, but i would vote for Didak's shimmy over any of the sxcuses for policy that have been served up so far....

Glenn said...

Hear hear Richo.

Inspirational work.