Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drover's Dog 2010 Election Tweeting League: Day 8

The ALP's public transport policy manual, yesterday.
On a day when most of Melbourne was either stuck at the train station or stuck in traffic, the Election Tweeting League winner was obvious.

4 points to the Greens' Melbourne candidate, AdamBandt

The major parties should stop talking about the boats and start talking about the trains.

Simple stuff really. But even though it's a state issue, public transport is a quiet nag to the ALP. In Sydney, the state government are completely twattified on public transport and in Melbourne, the Libs could have a fair shake at the November election with the Myki ticketing farce and terrible travel days like today.

Strangely, Gillard last week several times linked population growth with gridlock traffic frustration in those mythical Western Sydney seats. I say strangely because the traffic frustration has fuck all to do with population growth. It's more to do with all governments passing the buck and refusing to spend on seriously ambitious infrastructure.

And this election campaign is seriously devoid of any ambition.

Toot toot.

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