Saturday, July 31, 2010

Put a Stick In Him, It's Done

Apparently it's all gone pear shaped for Labor. It's stuffed. Gone. Kaput. Whatever. Look at a poll of 1300 something people, write it up, put a stick in them. They're done.

It's pretty easy to read a poll and write something up. The evidence is behind you, you don't have to look a few moves forward. The story's all there in the numbers. The numbers don't lie.

Then you have a leak. Easy story, a leak. A and B hate each other. A shafts B. Leak shafts A. It's easy to write about because the evidence is behind you, you don't have to look a few moves forward.It's gotta be B. The story's all there in the leak. It's a leak and all leaks are the same.

And so goes the agreed narrative for the next few days or even weeks. Julia Gillard is going down in the polls and it's all Kevin Rudd's fault. Oh, and it's all because Rudd wants some job at the UN.

Ridiculous, really. We deserve better. Swallow all that and we deserve all the cynical pollies we get.

Kevin Rudd wouldn't leak this week's stuff. It's too obvious. Nobody's that stupid. Could the leaker easily predict the agreed narrative that it was unquestionably Rudd? Of course. Oh, but why would the leaker do that at the expense of the party? The party? No way, the party means fuck all. Most important is the pack you run with. To win. Law of the fucking jungle. But the party? Couldn't Gillard lose from all this? Calculated risk, mate. Put a stick in him. Do him. He's finished. Don't let him back up again.

Work through all this haze and whattaya know, nobody needs the inconvenience of thinking and talking about policy.

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Glenn said...

Or it could have been a disgruntled public servant. Lots of them have access to cabinet documents and Canberra is a town run on gossip apparently.